The Board is empowered to enforce the Restriction, Easements and Covenants for the Development.  One of the reasons for the restrictions is to insure continuity of design such that Homeowners property values are not affected by poor design standards.  As such, each homeowner should review the Declaration and submit plans and specifications for improvements as requested in Section 9 Architectural Control of the Covenants.

The Board has created an Architectural Design Control Committee for the Association.

The committee meets as needed.

No improvements should commence until the Architectural Design Control Committee has provided written authorization for the improvements.

Architectural Approvals

Please send an e-mail to the committee with your detailed request for approvals. Please include your name, address, phone number (including best time to call) and a detailed description of the proposed design or project.

To Contact the Approval Committee, click here.

Download The ByLaws (PDF)